About us

We do high quality Eyewear

Our Brand

We design and manufacture our products in France using carefully selected natural and sustainable materials, in close collaboration with family workshops to create exclusive pieces that reflect our commitment to craftsmanship, quality, and sustainability.

Our founder, Yannis, is a passionate optician who created the brand to offer demanding consumers quality, durable, and transparent glasses. Our creative director, Kalila, brings a holistic approach and a passion for natural elements to the design of our unique and functional products.

At Kaci, we believe that everyone deserves high-end products that reflect their personality and lifestyle. Discover our collection of luxurious and refined glasses and artisanal objects, designed for the most demanding customers who appreciate aesthetics, quality, and exclusivity

Where classic meets quality

"We have created a eyewear brand to honor craftsmanship and use the best quality. We see each skill as an art that deserves to be highlighted."

Yannis Kaci, founder

Independent by nature, Lisbon by heart

dedicated to crafts, know-how and authenticity