The Elegance of Vision: Discover Kaci Eyewear's Superior Lens Technology

The Elegance of Vision: Discover Kaci Eyewear's Superior Lens Technology
Your eyes are beautiful. It's time to protect them with the best.

Crafted for Comfort and Style

At Kaci Eyewear, our top priority is comfort, which is why most of our models feature tinted gradient photochromic lenses. For us, it's not just about sun protection; it's an experience, an art.

Precision in Every Detail

Our lenses are meticulously crafted in France and Germany by expert glassmakers who have dedicated their lives to perfecting their craft. We try to offer the best comfort and fit possible. The Lenses are specially tailored to seamlessly match our frames, ensuring effortless wear throughout the day.

ZEISS Lenses: Pioneers in Optical Excellence

What sets our lenses apart is their exceptional quality. Our lenses are made by ZEISS, pioneers in optical technology. . Our lenses are UV400 certified, providing complete protection against UVA and UVB rays, all the way to the top end of the spectrum. This allows you to enjoy the sun with peace of mind while preserving the health of your eyes.

A Spectrum of Tints

The tint of your lenses is entirely in your hands. How do you want to see the world? How do you want the world to see you? At Kaci Eyewear, we offer a range of elegant and timeless classic sunglass tints.

Timeless Hues: Opal Grey, Green Emerald, Brown Amber

Our sunglass lenses are available in three classic colors: Opal Grey, Green Emerald and Brown Amber. Designed to absorb 85% of visible light, they shield your eyes from the sun's most dazzling rays.

Gradient Lenses and Extra Protection

In addition to our standard colors, we choose gradient lenses, providing optimal vision on the road while driving, or a touch of style to escape prying eyes.Outdoors, our extra-dark lenses offer ultimate protection against the most intense sunlight, even in the hottest temperatures.

On some models, we've opted for a deep blue tint to allow you to personalize your style and visual experience.


Embrace the Best for Your Eyes

With Kaci Eyewear, you can confidently face the sun, knowing that your eyes benefit from the highest quality and absolute comfort. Your eyes deserve the best, and we're here to enhance their allure.

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