The Harmony of Details: When French Craftsmanship Meets the Inspiration of Berber Symbols in Our Eyewear Collection

The Harmony of Details: When French Craftsmanship Meets the Inspiration of Berber Symbols in Our Eyewear Collection


In fashion, each creation holds a unique story woven through meticulous details. Our eyewear collection embodies this subtle fusion between French craftsmanship and the inspiration drawn from the symbols of Berber culture.

The Olive Tree and the Tree of Life: Powerful Symbols

Every pair of glasses is the result of a meeting between two worlds, two narratives, and two powerful symbols: the olive tree and the tree of life.The brilliance of French craftsmanship reveals itself through our meticulously handcrafted frames, adorned with a touch of finesse and a palladium finish, ensuring unparalleled durability. Every line, every curve is the outcome of meticulous precision, inherited from centuries of artisanal tradition.

Yet beyond technique, our glasses carry a profound significance within them, a message that transcends borders. By merging the symbols of the olive tree and the tree of life, we've crafted a unique visual identity for this collection. Inspired by Amazigh tattoos, these symbols hold strong cultural and emotional resonance, adding an additional dimension to each pair of glasses.

symbole amazigh de l'olivier

The Tranquil Strength of the Olive Tree

The olive tree, a millennia-old emblem, embodies a tranquil and benevolent strength. Much like this resilient tree, our glasses offer discreet protection, a subtle assurance to those who wear them. They evoke stability, serene growth, and a connection to nature – a timeless elegance that transcends fleeting trends.

symbole Amazigh de l'arbre de vie
The Vitality of the Tree of Life

On the other hand, the tree of life, a universal symbol of abundance and reunification, infuses our collection with invigorating energy. The branches that extend and intertwine in a harmonious dance evoke the union of opposites, the vitality emanating from diversity. Our glasses become a gentle reminder that each individual is the product of numerous experiences and facets, and that the convergence of these elements gives rise to exceptional beauty.

Your Identity, Your Expression

We've meticulously crafted this collection with the profound desire to create a companion for every person who wears our glasses. Whether you seek inner tranquility, enduring elegance, abundance, or a connection to your essence, our glasses accompany you on your journey, reflecting the values dear to you.

When you wear a pair of our glasses, remember that you hold much more than a simple accessory. They are an expression of your identity, artistic tastes, and cultural sensibility

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